Your Guide to Shopping Malls In Malaysia


10 Best Things To Do In Malacca

When we mention Malacca, many Malaysians do not think of much of this little town. However small it may be, it contains a fair share of interesting things to do, some of which you may only find there. Malacca may be a small town located on the West coast of Malaysia, but let us recommend […]


7 Best Places to Eat in Malacca

A small historical town on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Malacca sure has a lot to offer in terms of its lively culture. In Malacca, there’s not only much sightseeing to do, there is also a lot to eat. Apart from its famous Nyonya cuisines, Malacca has other types of food as well. With […]


5 Best Places to Stay in Malacca

Planning for a trip to Malacca? Imagine the culture, traditions and authentic Nyonya food that you’re about to experience in this historical town! If you’re coming for more than a day, you’ll need the right accommodation for a good rest. Malaysia Mall has prepared a list of 5 best places to stay in Malacca so […]