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Best Seafood Restaurants in Penang

Being an island state, Penang has an abundance of fresh seafood available for marine gourmet seekers. From clams to fishes, here are some of the best seafood restaurants in Penang. Bali Hai Seafood Market One of the most famous seafood eateries in Gurney Drive, this is a place where fresh and tasty seafood is in […]


Best Buffet Dinners in Penang

There is nothing more rewarding than spending the weekend with your loved ones while having some home-cooked comfort food. However, rewarding yourselves with an all-can-you-eat buffet dinner outing once in a while is still something incredibly tempting. Here are some of the absolute best buffet dinners in Penang. 1. Spice Market Café @ Shangri-La’s Rasa […]


Best Candle Light Dinner in Penang

Penang has always been known for its sumptuous local hawker and street food charm. However, the Pearl of the Orient does not lack in more lavish dining outlets for you and your significant other as well. Whether it’s for that one special day, or just that long-overdue treat, here are local establishments where you can […]


Best Hawker Food in Penang

Penang is famous for its wide variety of hawker foods. From iconic local foods to snacks, you will find a plethora of hawker food choices. Read on to find out what are the best hawker foods you can’t miss in Penang. 1. Asam Laksa Asam Laksa is one of the Penang’s signature foods that are […]


Best Nyonya Food in Penang

The Peranakan culture in Penang is still going strong. Of course, there is a variety of authentic Nyonya cuisine can be found in this affluent state. In this article, we will introduce you the best Nyonya foods in Penang. 1. Jiu Hu Char Jiu Hu Char is a dish of stir-fried finely julienned jicama with […]


Top 10 Breakfasts in Penang

Ever wondered what’s best to have for breakfast in Penang? In this post, we’ll be talking about the top 10 food that you can have for breakfast in Penang, so get your tummies ready to handle the variety! 1. Har Mee Har Mee is a one of the Hokkien delicacies, consisting of noodles in a […]


Top 10 Best Halal Food in Penang

When they say Penang is a food heaven, they’re not joking! From Chinese, Indian, Malay, Western to other variations, you’ll find all sorts of delicious food in Penang. In this post, we’ll be taking you to the best halal food in Penang. 1. Cendol Never leave Penang without having Cendol! A deliciously popular treat in […]


Top 10 Best Restaurants in Penang

From local favorites to fine dining, Malaysia Mall introduces the Top 10 restaurants to dine at in Penang. 1. Nasi Kandar Line Clear If you like variety, Nasi Kandar Line Clear will be right for you. This 24-hour Nasi Kandar restaurant located on Penang Road offers a range of flavourful Indian dishes that you should […]


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